How Does NeatTuck Connect the Community?

NeatTuck is here to strengthen local bonds and cast off the grip that the laundry industry has on community interaction. NeatTuck offers a way for Users and Washers to benefit socially and economically. The laundry industry is no longer in the hands of commercial and private interests. Instead, laundry is now a communal resource that offers convenience and potentially life-changing income to Users and Washers alike. Imagine a neighborhood where, rather than each home having its own washer and dryer, a handful of families become Washers. The benefits are varied and many.

The Laundryshare aspect of NeatTuck encourages individuals to engage with their community and peers. It builds up trust and friendships while simultaneously offering eco-friendly efficiency and convenience. Gone are the days of accidentally leaving the washer on for too long, or mixing in a red sock with your white sheets. Users will no longer have to schedule their time around gathering, sorting, washing, waiting, drying and putting away their garments. Instead, the comfort and satisfaction of a clean set of clothes is available at the touch of a button with NeatTuck. Important meeting with a client or upcoming first date ruined by an embarrassing last-minute stain? Depending on your subscribed tier, NeatTuck makes loaner garments and the purchase of replacement garments accessible to Users; to easily solve any such mishaps. For any kind of accident or laundry emergency, Users can depend on their friendly local Washers to support them. At the same time, Users can feel proud knowing that they are strengthening their community bonds by supporting the livelihoods of their local Washers. In addition to solving problems and generating local income, NeatTuck saves Users time that can be better spent relaxing with friends and family. Along with all of these positive influences, one of the most impactful benefits are the economic changes that NeatTuck brings to the laundry industry.

NeatTuck not only supports local communities by putting money back into it; rather than the leaders of the laundry industry, NeatTuck also provides newfound opportunities to those who previously may not have had a reliable source of income. Stay-at-home parents, individuals who work from home, impaired individuals and even those who are pursuing artistic dreams can all benefit from using NeatTuck as a source of income. By shifting the flow of income in the laundry industry away from commercial players, NeatTuck boosts local economies by putting money back into peoples’ pockets. Our user-friendly interface and workflow provide a way for individuals across a wide array of backgrounds to generate income.

With so many innovate features packed into one app, NeatTuck will dominate the laundry industry. Imitators and the old guard will have to adapt or be left behind in NeatTuck’s shadow.

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