The Power Of The NeatTuck Logo

What is a logo? A logo is a symbol, specifically designed to assist in promoting the embedment of a brand into the public psyche. How does one create a strong logo? One must use identifiers associated with the principals of their brand, then combine that with conceptual embodiments that represent your company's mission. So, what makes up the NeatTuck logo?

The structure of the NeatTuck logo consists of two triangles and a circle. Although multiple interpretations of the triangular shape exist throughout history (Egyptian culture, Christianity, etc.,) in the case of NeatTuck, it’s meant to imply balance, leadership, and responsibility based on our strong foundation. The circle, visually speaking, is well represented in the universe, ranging from the bottoms of bowls, cups, sports, planets, stars, and so on. The circle is representative of stability, unity, movement, and partnership.

The triangles and circle are the skeleton, dipped into a molten bowl of identity, forming the NeatTuck logo. The ingredients of the NeatTuck identity include a zipper, droplet of water, and moving water with bubbles. The zipper is meant to be interpreted as a new beginning with an aesthetic related to fashion. The droplet of water is symbolic of cleanliness, purity, and refreshment; intended to imply revitalization. Lastly, the bubbles and water represent a washing machine in action; showcasing how dynamic our brand is.

When all components are combined, we get NeatTuck. A brand derived from a place of strength, stability, adaptability, and progression; all displayed within our logo, which historians will use as an indicator to mark the resurgence of the laundry industry.

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