Happy National Deaf Awareness Month

National Deaf Awareness Month is a time to educate the public on the realities faced by people in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Although being born deaf or losing your hearing later on in life can be difficult, it is not symbolic of ones potential. Though individuals living with the impairment may believe in themselves enough to accomplish whatever their heart's desire (i.e., Oscar winner Marlee Beth Matlin,) barriers do begin to rise when they attempt to interact with others outside their community.

Strong examples of situations where societal barriers start to form are when someone with a hearing impairment applies for a job or attempts to interact with society. Though there are tax breaks for companies who hire the hearing impaired and new technologies design to increase their efficiency in the workplace, they are still less likely to get a job as opposed to someone without the issue. The inability to hear can lead to significant communication problems and could make everyday tasks such as networking, making friends or even ordering food from a restaurant cumbersome.

This segment of our population has grown to become excluded from our culture as their population steadily decrease from the workforce; causing further isolation. So, in celebration of National Deaf Awareness Month, we here at NeatTuck would like to encourage all of our readers, followers, and subscribers to spend a little time educating yourselves in hopes of strengthening our global community through compassion and understanding of the world outside your own.

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