How Can You...?

How many of us have goals in life? What about dreams? Everyone? I figured. With only 24 hours in the day, most people spend their time working a job they don’t take pride in, unwinding from the time spent there, tending to responsibilities at home, and sleeping. What about your goals and dreams? Well, if this is how your time’s being managed, then what about it?

There are platforms available that provide people with the opportunity to make money on the side, but to sustain yourself using those platforms, you must first relinquish the most important thing you have; your time, and a lot of it. What about your aspirations in life? Do you want to be a writer? Well, how can you drive and write? Do you want to be an actor? How can you drive and act? Are you a graphic designer? Well, how can you design and drive? Platforms like Uber and Lyft offer an opportunity to supplement your income but require you to be on the road for large chunks of time as your body, mind, and car begin to wear.

Is there another way? Yes! What if you could write, design, program, finish school work, clean the house, watch the kids, rehearse lines, and so much more, all while making money on the side? Well, you are in luck. With NeatTuck approved washing machines, you now can make money at home washing other people’s laundry. Due to the lack of intensity laundry requires, Washers (people who wash User’s laundry) are able to focus on more essential tasks that are directly correlated to their overall goals while making money. The NeatTuck experience will be available in the App Store and Google Play Market in Fall of 2018.

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