Promo Codes You Need

Welcome to the NeatTuck community. As we approach the launch of the app, we thought it'd nice if we offered you all some house warming gifts. Enjoy!

Founding Members:

Washer keeps 100% of profit for the first week.


(First 5,000 Founding Members Post Card Distributed)

Referral: (Per person)

Up to $10 off your next wash.


(Refer Friend You Get $10)

First Time User:

First 10 garments free [a la carte/has to be within one order]


(First Time NeatTuck User 2018)

NeatTuck Founding Family Discount: (minimum 3 person sign up per address within first a week)

Users get a %10 rebate on the entire first-month order (payable within the first 3 months)


(The First Family of NeatTuck 2018)

DateNight Promo:

User’s get 10% off orders processed on Friday and Saturday (priority delivery)


(NeatTuck Date Night Savior 2018)

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