NeatTucks Unveiling

With the implementation of platforms like Uber, Wag, and Airbnb, it's easy to see the direction in which society is heading. We are witnessing the dismantlement and reconstruction of infrastructures in all the major industries, with a focus on modernization. In this context, I'm specifically speaking about our culture evolving into a sharing economy. An example of a new innovative system, destined to topple over its predecessors, is a company called NeatTuck.

What is NeatTuck? NeatTuck is the world’s first ever peer-to-peer, Laundryshare app. Driven by the objective of creating economic prosperity and strengthening relationships within the community by matching Users and Washers within a mile radius. What are Users and Washers? A User is someone who has their clothes washed by a Washer, and a Washer is someone who washes a User’s laundry. The app is people-driven, meaning that it was created to give power to the people, the masses. As a User, you aren’t bound by any limitations. If the person utilizing the app has specifications regarding how they’d like there clothes washed, NeatTuck will match them with a Washer who can meet their every need. Those specifications include Mending, Dry Cleaning Relay, and Ironing experiences; and also brands of detergent, washing cycle, and drying preferences. Whatever you prefer, you’ll be connected with someone who can provide the experiences you need.

NeatTuck also has tiers, customized for different demographics; like our pay-as-you-go Community tier, discounted Student tier, Prime tier, which includes a complimentary loaner garment for those unexpected spills and rips throughout the day. A Business tier, prioritized with expedited request handling, and a Blaque tier, which has a Bitcoin payment option and you’ll be matched with the most experienced Washers. NeatTuck will be available in the Android and Apple markets, including Apple Watch devices.

The world’s changing for the better, and NeatTuck is and will be the future. We’ve created a way to make money as a Washer on the side and handle all your laundry needs as a User in one location. We’ve also implemented a system where we’ll be working hand in hand with local, highly-rated, 24-hour Dry Cleaners so you can go on about your day, focusing on what matters the most. Search for NeatTuck on Google Play and the Apple Store towards the end of the Summer to enjoy these Experiences at the touch of a button. Also, click on to become a beta tester today!

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