Thank You

The first official Memorial Day began May 30th, 1868, for the Union soldiers; later on, including the Confederates. Looking back at the history of America, it'd easy to become upset and hold negative feelings based on the injustices suffered. That’d be too easy; the hard part would be researching to understand where the world was at, and the gradual shift in thinking that was occurring during those times; while trying to find some clarity to progress emotionally with a healthier grasp of the past.

After ruthlessly educating myself in hopes of finding some understanding of what the world was like at that specific time; my studying of the history of our armed forces led me to a piece of information which resonated with me long after it's digestion, allowing for a cathartic realization. African Americans voluntarily enlisted in the Union army, and while suffering the perpetual oppression; they still decided to fight. I initially looked at that as being the obvious choice( African Americans fighting on the side of the Union) because the Union and African Americans had a common goal of ending slavery; but now, I interpret that piece of information differently. I view it as a group of people enduring because they saw the potential of this great country, and regardless, if it wasn't a reality at that point; they embedded the idea of America, mentally, knowing that one day that idea would become realized. That sentiment never wavered, as the armed forces steadily blended people of all backgrounds with the same vision, effectuating a camaraderie that surpassed any social constructs set in place to separate them.

I am grateful for the people who sacrificed and endured so that the next generations could exist in the world described in the Constitution. There aren’t enough flowers in the world to commemorate the ones who have fallen so the rest of us could rise. To the ones who marched and fought in their boots so our little ones could dance in their shoes, we thank you for seeing what America could be and sacrificing it all to ensure that it became.

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