All Hands On Deck

From the beginning, human beings success has been highly reliant on collaborative efforts. The masses don’t seem to be aware of what it actually took to get to this point in civilization.

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When we go on google and search for the inventor of a particular life-altering idea or product, it’ll give us a name or two, but it does not provide a 3D view of the amount of effort and manpower ushered into establishing the idea. Many people fall under the assumption that it's possible for one person to bear the burden of bringing a concept to life. While that one person’s idea is the seed, it takes a team of like-minded individuals to help a vision grow and blossom.

In 1887, It took about 300 workers and 2 1/2 years to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. Imagine how long it would have taken and how far Gustave Eiffel would have gotten if he tried to build the landmark himself. It’s almost too preposterous to even put into a hypothetical. Society wouldn’t be, without the efforts of many people. It is however easy to understand how one could sink into the mindset, of me, myself, and I, because you know when it comes down to it, you can rely on yourself to get things done. The fault in that thinking is just that there aren’t enough hours in the day and strength in the human body to satisfying all aspects of not only your goals but your personal life as well. Independence is an admirable trait, but it can come to a point when it begins to hinder your progression. For most people, we naturally come to that conclusion as we mature; but for many young adults, we may have to figure that out once we’re submerged in tasks, and rushing to meet those ever-approaching deadlines. It’s 2018, and the internet has an abundance of evidence supporting my claims. So, please allow NeatTuck and your community to join your team, and help push you to the next phase of your evolution as an entrepreneur.

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