Time is of the Essence

In my formative years, I assumed this would all last forever, but I’ve recently walked out of Plato's cave and have become exposed to the truths of our existence. My focus in this publication isn’t on the end of life per-say but on the accumulation of wasted time leading up to.

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I’m specifically talking to the visionaries in our society, the ones with aspirations who are distracted by them while they are awake, and haunted by them while they are asleep. For all my aspiring entrepreneurs out there, I have news for you; time is not on your side. While not breaking news, it’s important to understand the realities of our circumstances. Attempting to build something from the ground up is a feat that few accomplish, and you must be willing to sacrifice and endure if you plan on physically constructing your idea. The most significant attribute one must possess to become successful is time management, with the goal in mind of efficiency.

NeatTuck aims to help solve an ailment that many around the world are suffering from, poor time management. The ‘I can do it all myself’ mindset is dangerous, and if constantly redlining, it’ll eventually lead to you breaking down. Also, the just as self-destructive mentality, ‘I’ll worry about that later.’ will lead to collapse because of your weak foundation.

We here at NeatTuck are providing another way. It doesn’t always have to be all or nothing; there is a middle ground that is beneficial for all involved. The key is the delegation of those minor chores that chop up your day and result in the loss of human beings greatest resource, time. In Jack Kornfield’s Novel Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, he states “The trouble is, you think you have time.” It’s an unfathomable concept that isn’t realized until you’re out of it. I urge you to not fall into the trap that most become victims of. Please allow NeatTuck to relieve you of some of your workload, so you can get back to building our future with your vision.

Thank you for reading, and please stay tuned as NeatTuck quickly approaches its unveiling to the world.

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