The Story of NeatTuck

5t Good things come to those who wait. For the creator of NeatTuck, it's been 4 years of hard work, dedication, and commitment. In a time where people want instant gratification and success, some of us choose to wait until our creation is absolute perfection before sending it out to the world.

But, what is NeatTuck? Well, simply put, we are you. But what does that mean? Scientifically speaking, there can't be two of the same person in the universe. But philosophically, there can be two subjectively different people who hold the same values and similar personalities and share the same world. And if these 2 different people hold the same inherent qualities and share the same space in society, aren't they just one consciousness who may experience the world in different ways. Aren't we all just one with the world we live in?

You lost me…

So, NeatTuck is you: the person sitting across from you, your family, your neighbors, that kid in 2nd grade who threw gum in your hair, and that person who smiled at you on the sidewalk. NeatTuck is the air you breath and the water you drink. NeatTuck is us. And we are your neighbors and members of the community. We are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow who have come together to better your tomorrow. We are the past and present coming together to revolutionize your future with an evolutionary app launching in 2018. We are wherever you are and we will go wherever you go.

Still confused? Think about it. We live in a digitally connected world, and these connections are what help us connect with you. In a society where phones are extended versions of ourselves, we hope to become intertwined with your life to help and benefit our community. Soon you will be living and breathing NeatTuck, just as we are doing today.

Until then, keep checking back in on our blog, Facebook, and Instagram to find out more. As we near our reveal, just exactly who we are and what we do will surface. Each post connects a piece of the puzzle and we are curious to see if you can figure us out.. After all, we are the same person…

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